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Service Network 2000

To order a spare part for your appliance please have the full ENR or Model Number the Serial Number and the FD number

These numbers are normally located inside the appliance printed on the ID plate

Were to find the identification plate

  1. Ovens, cookers and Microwaves: Open the door and check down the frame of the appliance or side of the door.
  2. Fridges and Freezers : remove the bottom Vegtable drawer or the bottom freezer drawer the plate is normally located on the side wall of the appliance.
  3. Hobs : Attached to the underside of the hob, you will usually need to remove the drawer or Oven below the hob to locate this.
  4. Washing machines and Tumble Dryers : Normally on the inside of the door or located on the rear of the appliance.
  5. Coffee Makers : Remove the spillage tray, id plate will be attached to cabinate.

Ordering the correct spare part for the appliance.

It is of paramount importance that you fit the correct part for your appliance. Please do not attempt to fit any part other than parts recommended by the manufacturer. This could cause damage to the appliance and risk to the user.

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